Uninstalled Dell Data Proection software which has caused problems

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Recently I bought a desktop PC from Dell. I kept getting reminders about completing the set up of the Dell Data Protection software. Once I did this I was not happy that it kept asking if I wanted to encrypt each item, so I decided to uninstall the program.

When I did remove it I found I had limited access to my files. If I opened a word document I would get the message "Word cannot open the document: user does not have access privileges." If I opened an Excel document I got the message "Excel cannot open the file because the file format or file extension is not valid. Verify the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format of the file." When I open a picture I get the message" It appears that you don't have permission to view this file. Check the permissions and try again."
Finally if I try open the iTunes library I get the message " The iTunes .itl file is locked, on a locked disk or you do not have write permission for this file."

Any ideas please on how to get back unimpeded access to my files?
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The surest way is going to be to turn on the hidden administrator account, log into it, create a new user account, log into that, log back into the administrator, copy all of your files over to the new user from the old user, and then start using the new user.  Once you are satisfied that everything is working OK (wait a few weeks) and you have backed everything up to an external drive, you can remove the old user and turn off the administrator account.  Its a pain in the neck; but, that is how Microsoft would want you to fix it.
You will have to re-setup all of your settings as they are per user.

As an alternative, you can try Tweaking.com's all in one repair tool in which you would want to reset the registry permissions and the file permissions (number two checkbox).  Uncheck the other entries and make sure you reboot after it is done.


That is interesting because I did follow the process outlined in Windows removal guide but I opted for "do not install encryption removal agent". I still have the key backup system that I was asked to make. I am not sure what this key backup is for. Should I have opted for "Encryption removal agent- import keys from a file"? I did not know how to import keys from a file.
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According to your original question, you did not let Dell's software encrypt anything and, if that is true, the problem is with ownership and permissions.  If you want to test that, create a new document with something in it, save it, reboot, and then see if you get the permissions error trying to open it again.
If that works, test further by turning on the hidden Administrator account, logging into it, and then see if you get errors opening documents under your main login user account.  If they were encrypted, you won't be able to open spreadsheets or documents.  If they do open, your problem is permissions based, not with encrypted files.

do WinKey+X, click on the CMD (admin) listing, type net user administrator /active:yes<enter> in the CMD window, close it, and reboot to see the Administrator login at the bottom left of the welcome screen.


Before uninstalling, the files were encrypted.So I think it is permission issue. If I create a new file I can still open it after saving it.

The CMD process did not do anything. I have key backup. What is that for?
If it worked, you should have been able to reboot and, on the welcome screen, Administrator should be a username you can login to.  It has to be run in an elevated CMD window or it won't work.


I did not get administrator log in on bottom left of welcome screen. I am using Windows 10 64bit.

I am now in touch with Dell. I spent one hour on the phone reinstalling Dell Data Protection software and trying different routes without success. It could be that my files have become corrupted with the uninstallation process. Dell will contact me again.

The iTunes folder still cannot be opened.
Try instead placing the drive in an external enclosure ( usb) and plug into another PC,
 see if you can access the files outside of windows using the r/click run as administrator whenever opening a folder?
iTunes folder is that a shortcut? r/click it and run as administrator?
r/click it properties>open file location. Possibly it has been moved?
Any messages when it doesn't open?
I have been in touch with Dell on this. They have a team dealing with just Dell Data Protection. We went through the whole process of decrypting but nothing worked. The conclusion is the files were corrupted. Do not uninstall DDP without customer support. Thank you for your suggested solutions.


Because there was no solution.

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