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Windows update hosed the internet connection to my VMs.

Hi experts, all of a sudden my windows VMs couldn't connect to the internet. It says it's connected to "unidentified network - no internet access". I'm using VMWare Workstation for the VMs. Windows server 2012 and 2008 R2 are the guest operating systems that can't get to the internet. I've tried enabling LAN on the servers, switching from Bridged mode to NAT, enabling network discovery...

I'm attaching the results to ifconfig. I've got no default gateway and subnet mask looks weird.

I looked at my system restore points, and it looks like 7 days ago windows pushed a "critical update", and it seems to have wiped out all my previous restore points.

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Please post

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Ok, here is route print from the windows server 2008 R2 guest!
I expected a persistent route but do not see one to the gateway. What is gateway IP, add it back to config
I assume it's, from this screenshot taken from my host machine. Would you mind helping me add that back to config?
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Often the Internet is missing because of bad DNS ?

what happens when your ping or ping ?
Livesaver!! Hey any idea why it wiped out my system restore points too? Any way to get those back?
No, I do not know why that happened unless you were just far enough behind for the update to do a refresh update (install) which keeps everything but does clear out restore points. If that happened, no way to get them back.

Livesaver!!    <-- Thank you for your kind comment. I really do appreciate it.
Makes sense... thanks.