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SQL Find Carriage Return and Delete it.

Trying to write an SQL Script that will find a carriage return and delete it.  When I export the data to excel the carriage return is causing data to go to the next line and into the first field.
	CASE comment
	WHEN CHARINDEX(CHAR(10), comment) Then
		'True 10'
	WHEN CHARINDEX(CHAR(13), comment) Then
		'True 13'
	END AS CheckReturn 
FROM #Temp

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Attempting to run the above code I receive error:

Msg 8114, Level 16, State 5, Line 34
Error converting data type varchar to bigint.
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What's the data type for comment column?
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Also found this.

delete from TABLE
where FIELD1 like ‘%’+CHAR(13)+’%’

delete from TABLE
where FIELD1 like ‘%’+CHAR(10)+’%’

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So after I put my data into a temp table I can use above to delete the carriage returns.  Works great.