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American Express @Work site and Java

Dear Experts,

I am posting this question here because I cannot get American Express to help me with this, even though this is their website.
Up until a few weeks ago, all users at my comapny (~15) were able to log into this website, which if the correct credential is entered, it opens another window which uses Java. They always had issue with the newest Java, so I kept Java 8 installation file, and whenever things were not working, I reinstalled it and everything was fine.
Firefox and Chrome will not launch Java anymore, and I started to move users to IE 11.
Now as of yesterday, I cannot get IE to launch the second window form this AmEx site.
I have tested with www.java.com to see that it is running Java, and it does.  I also made sure that all earlier versions of Java was removed, which I did.
AmEx Tech Support sent me step by step instructions to remedy this, (clear cache, enable add-ons, so on) which I have done.
I also performed System restore to go back to last month's restore point, that does not work either.
I tested with 4 different PCs, tried different versions of Javas (AE recommended V6, I also tried the latest, none works) and after all of this, I called back and told them the issue, they said there is nothing they could do.

I cannot believe that we are the only ones experiencing this issue.  Please advise.
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