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Julian Haines
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Is there a way of stopping people selecting a table on an HTML page?  at the moment I have some text in a table and you can select the whole table using the + handles.

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James BilousSoftware Engineer

I'm not sure what you mean by + handles, but you can apply some css rules (which are browser dependent) on the container in order to stop selection:
you can convert that table into an image.

you can create a pseudo table using absolutely positioned divs and write the divs in random order so selecting is feasible but the order will be messy.

you can use pagination so only a few lines at a time can be selected

you can add a transparent modal div over the table : this is quite easy to circumvent for power users, but quite efficient if they are limited to easy copy-paste. that would be the easiest to implement by far.
Julian HainesSenior IT Administrator


Thanks sounds good it just looks messy when you move over a table and the handle appear.

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James BilousSoftware Engineer

You can also change the mouse cursor to a pointer using CSS
if it just "looks messy" the modal is good enough by far. the css might also work, i'm unsure. but then you probably do not want to do this. different browsers will act differently. this is basically not html related.
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select the whole table using the + handles.

In which browser? Unless you have specifically coded this functionality or you are using a browser like the one that Excel uses to import data which recognises table and adds the borders and handle - this is not the default for most browsers.

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