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File Downloader in Multi threading , Measure Download Speed and progress

Sorry for a beginner question. I need to make a file downloader using delphi and measure the progress and average download speed.
This old post seems like exactly what i need.  https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/23867812/How-to-calculate-download-speed.html?anchorAnswerId=22863081#a22863081

 Just one problem, i can define  where i have to create TDownloadURL and TURLDownloadStatus in this procedure. Can anybody or expert help me?

//Undeclared identifier: 'TDownLoadURL'.  TURLDownloadStatus
procedure URL_OnDownloadProgress(Sender: TDownLoadURL; aProgress, aProgressMax: Cardinal;
            StatusCode: TURLDownloadStatus; StatusText: String; var Cancel: Boolean);

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