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cloud mapped drives

We have a windows file server with similar structure described below:
Folders:                                  Groups                          members/access
Group01                                 group1                          user1      /   full control
Group02                                 group2                          user1 and user 2 /full control.
Group03                                 group3                          user3
....and so forth.    (pretty standard.....and each group folder is mapped with a specific drive letter for all users that need it).
Due to bandwidth limitations, VPN is not an option and we're looking for an online storage vendor that provides such structure.
Dropbox and box dont as they cant be mapped.  Looked at Egnyte (which maps windows drives) but it does it at a top level under a folder called SHARED...   anyone have anything else that can map it on windows with the specific drive letters directly to the group folders?
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you may consider cloud based storage provided by Microsoft Azure or Amazon S3. see below their pricing policies.

they both support driver mapping so your application can access the storage in a traditional way.
Cloudberry Drive can be mapped as a network drive for any cloud provider storage.
What problem are you trying to solve by doing this?
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sorry about the delay--didn't realize the question was still open.  

Turns out that egnyte does have a way to configure the drive mappings.  We implemented it a while back and its worked out wonderfully.
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