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Recurrent Files Corruption

I had this question after viewing Corrupted File Makes Windows File Explorer Crash.

I posted a few days ago a question about a corrupted file that would make File Explorer or similar software (Opus Directory) crash just when browsing a folder on an exernal hard drive (see link above)
I was able to fix the issue by identifying the corrupted file and deleting it in safe mode

So the issue comes back again. I browsed another folder today and again file explorer crashed because of another corrupted file. So I identified and deleted it...But the issue now continues with another file. Looks like an endless problem
I never had any issue navigating in these folders before. Just as an information the folders which generated problems only contain video files, mainly .mp4.

I am wondering if it is File explorer itself that corrupts the files when screening the folder after opening it.

Any support welcome, thanks
* VideosWindows 10

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