Prefill Wordpress contact form with current logged in users details.

sabecs used Ask the Experts™
I have enabled a plugin call "PHP Code Snippets"
and have added code below

$current_user = wp_get_current_user();
    echo  $current_user->user_email ;

which creates a Snippet Short Code

[xyz-ips snippet="Current-Users-Email"]

If I include the xyz-ips short code  in my form "Contact Form 7" as below, it displays the email address at top of the form but how can I set it as a placeholder?

So, basically I want to have a users email already prefilled in the form if they have logged on?

[xyz-ips snippet="Current-Users-Email"]

      <legend>Compliance Question</legend>
            <li> Name [text cf7s-name] </li>
            <li> Email [email* cf7s-email placeholder "current-users-email"] </li>
                <li> Question [textarea cf7s-comments] </li>
      [submit "Submit"]
      <p>* Required</p>
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should be



[email* your-email default:user_email]


Thanks, that is perfect..

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