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Julio Jose
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I have configure to receive the raw format on rsyslog.conf

$template myFormat,"%rawmsg%\n"
$ActionFileDefaultTemplate myFormat

but I still received the facility code in append on each of the log, how to get rid of it?

<46>Nov 02 10:37:39 …...
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you need something along these lines

$template nofacility,"%timegenerated% %msg%\n"

not sure what "raw"msg stands for but it is probably the whole message syslog receives including the facility, tag, date...


I tired, the facility code remove but append a new time format "Mar 27 11:12:19 <Raw Message>
i included the %timegenerated% in the example template i gave you.
try this

$template nofacility,"%msg%\n"

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if you need something different, please make it explicit.
i do not understand your last post.


it work, thank you

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