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Dear experts,

Some background about myself:

I am in mid 40s. I am preparing for GRE and I plan to take it in July 2017.

My reading speed is generally below-average. My comprehension is also average-above average.

In order to increase my reading speed I have searched for a few training programs and those are listed. I have to admit I have not yet completed by analysis as to which suits me best.

So, does any of the experts here have any experience in these training programs and I will appreciate if one can share their experiences.

Review website:

Individual training program websites:

Kindly share your experiences.
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I am really not answering your question, I am aware.

In my opinion, the best and the most effective way is to keep on reading. I had noticed it quite objectively that during the period of continuous reading my reading speed increases. And it reduces significantly when I don't read for months / years.

It also matters what the subject matter is. Fiction can be read faster than the technical book or a book on Genetics, for example. Because there is a lag from brain to comprehend what is being read.

Your vocabulary also comes into the picture. So (while this may not be a right time!) i suggest you should read more fiction.

As you might notice from the profile picture, I am in mid 50s!


Nitin, thank you.

I will wait for others to give their opinion.

I am not hesitating to spend my money. But i am being careful that I set my expectations right based on what others experiences are.

Thank you once again.
With respect to
I am not hesitating to spend my money.

In my "strictly personal" opinion, such courses exist solely because there are people who believe that such courses could help. I think, they don't. They might a bit, but then again, this is something which can be done on our own. So technically, you don't have to spend any money!
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such courses exist solely because there are people who believe that such courses could help
I agree with Nitin.  

I've been to a speed reading course before.  But truth be told it does not in anyway make you better at reading or comprehending what you are reading.  It will teach you some basic techniques on how to read faster and the rest is up to you to practice speed reading.  

So Speed Reading is not a short cut to reading/comprehending.  I think you can do better if you go with the traditional way of studying.

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