Windows 10 tablet-mode touch screen scrolling issue

Anthony Collis
Anthony Collis used Ask the Experts™
Hi there,

We setup a Windows 10 machine in tablet-mode paired with a IIYAMA touch screen monitor, the machine is being used as a till and the primary application is within a full screen internet explorer browser page and normally you should be able to scroll up and down using your fingers, however this has stopped working and scrolling is now only possible using the side scrolling bar.

I have done a bit of research myself and people are saying it's to do with the touch screen drivers and that you need to roll them back, which isn't possible since they haven't had an update, I have also tried updating them and no update is available. I have restarted the machine as well and this still didn't work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, this machine has been working fine for about 2 weeks and the issue has just suddenly occurred.

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Tahir QureshiSystem Analyst

sound like your touch screen sensor is not working

Can you uninstall "human interface devices" from the device manager and restart the PC

once your PC will restart, it will reset touch screen driver as well
Just got back from the customers, when I got there it was working and they said it just started working again haha, oh well thanks for the suggeston, I shall be sure to try it if the issue occurs again.


Reboot of machine

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