IP camera - live stream from usb donge/remote location/without public ip

Rajkumar Chandran
Rajkumar Chandran used Ask the Experts™
Dear team,

I am new to this tech site and I have a requirement that,

1. I have a desktop at remote site with dongle internet, 8 port hub, one hikvision camera.
2. I would like to see the live streaming from a url
3.  Need your help to fix this issue.

I tried many ways,
1. Dynamicdns
2. Port forwarding using router
3. I need to integrate the url to my own software.
4. Hikvision stopped his ddns service.

Need a workable solutions on this matter.

B.C. Rajkumar
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Edward PamiasTeam Lead RRS Desk
Top Expert 2016

I use an app called ICAM, from my phone. You also need to download their app on the PC and setup a password to access the camera.
Edward PamiasTeam Lead RRS Desk
Top Expert 2016
Here is the link to the PC software. It works well.

Edward PamiasTeam Lead RRS Desk
Top Expert 2016

For the phone app just go to the app store or what ever store you use from your phone.
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Rob LeaverSr. Network & Server Engineer

Can you get to the the camera from the remote workstation via an IP in a browser locally on site?

If you can- then you should just be able to port form to that IP address from the remote location if you have the correct router settings.

If you can't access the camera via and IP locally, trying from a remote location isn't the first step of troubleshooting this.
I've been in the same boat many times! This should square you away. I know you've said you have tried dynamic DNS without success but these steps will get you there-

go to http://www.ip-detect.com and take note of your current public IP address. let's pretend it's currently

purchase your domain name (let's assume it's called cateye.com)

Create an account at http://www.dyn.com so that whenever your ISP decides to refresh your public IP address, your domain name will still point to it. You will install a little applet on your home computer from dyn.com, which keeps it's DNS and A-record updated so that your domain name will always point to the current IP address of your home computer.

Copy the name servers that your DYN.com account provided to you. Log into your domain provider account, let's say it's GoDaddy. Input the Dyn.com name servers into your domain account. Name servers usually start with Ns1.domains.com or Ns2.domains.com   something similar to that.

Decide on a unique port for your camera to communicate with your app and the outside world when you access the domain.

So let's say you choose port 888
Configure your home firewall with a rule for inbound and outbound rules allowing DYN.com name servers through on port 888, outbound will have to be open to 'destination any' on port 888,  you should ensure you are running IDS and IDP security modules on your home firewall.

IMPORTANT STEP: Also configure your camera's port setting to this custom port!  Most cameras have a default port of 80 or 8080, you need to change this in your camera's admin console.

When you want to access your camera you would type http://www.cateye.com:888

Assuming that your camera is like most security cameras, in that it has an embedded Java or ActiveX viewer. It should automatically install the viewer when you visit that specially crafted URL with port#, install the the browser plugin and you should be viewing video.

let me know how it goes
Rajkumar ChandranProject Manager



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