Bandwidth cap????


I have attached the network topology to make things easier. Basically, I have external sites. The way routing works is the traffic on LAN get's forwarded to out Headquarters location for traffic filtering. Basically, everything get;s routing to us and then it goes out. I had an ISP tech at one of the external sites the other day and he mentioned to me that he was testing my bandwidth speed and noticed that he is not reaching what we should be getting, (he was plugged directly to the router so there is no middle man. I told him the traffic get's filtered through out headquarters via DMVPN tunnel.

My question is, what is the bandwidth cap in terms of using DMVPN? I am assuming it gets limited bandwidth because of DMVPN correct?.

Shark AttackNetwork adminAsked:
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Barnett ComputersIT Services CompanyCommented:
When you say it's not achieving the speed advertised, what does that mean exactly? 5%? 15%? 50%?
Shark AttackNetwork adminAuthor Commented:
i dont know and also dont remember the whole conversation, we didn't get into details.  Let's just say they're getting 100m connections. What would be the max this throughout on that tunnel traffic
Barnett ComputersIT Services CompanyCommented:
The reason I ask is because there are a number of factors that could be pulling your bandwith down, but without knowing the actual loss it's hard to pinpoint where that might be coming from. A VPN is going to pull down bandwith, certainly, but entirely? Unlikely. It's always best to be as specific as possible.
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Shark AttackNetwork adminAuthor Commented:
well, the speed was still good, but he tech said, it's not beaing a it's max as it should. Then I said that there a dmvpn, and he said that it makes sense now
Barnett ComputersIT Services CompanyCommented:
If you're only seeing small variations and drops in speed then that is indeed normal. If you're seeing substantial drops in speed and service then you likely have another culprit.
Shark AttackNetwork adminAuthor Commented:
Ok, i just found that it should be at 70 down but it was at between 45-50 down because of the vpn they said
Barnett ComputersIT Services CompanyCommented:
That's probably somewhere around average, then. I would give you exact numbers on the VPN itself, but the problem is they would be unreliable without testing under an exact setup. Unless it's substantially haltering your ability to work, I would assume all is fine coming through the tunnel.

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Shark AttackNetwork adminAuthor Commented:
my main thing is, i dont want to get like 100 meg circuit just to find out that 60 of it can be utilized at max
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