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Question regarding ADFS Federated Authentication

Hello Experts,

I have a customer who has a web based application sitting on a local IIS server.  The server is in the same domain as the users.
Access to the application is via ADFS based Federated Authentication and all is working fine when the users try to access the base application URL (for example https://application.domain.local/homepage).  Accessed in this way the application works flawlessly.  However, if the users start off by trying to access a different page within the application (so not the homepage but, for example, https://application.domain.local/pictures_of_elephants) we see a generic ADFS error as shown below.

The request specified an Assertion Consumer Service URL 'https://servername.local/application_name/AuthServices/Acs' that is not  configured on the relying party 'http://application_1F435F68-B46E-46AF-9691-84B169B8E887'.
Assertion Consumer Service URL: https:// servername.local/application_name /AuthServices/Acs
Relying party: http://application_1F435F68-B46E-46AF-9691-84B169B8E887 

This request failed.

User Action
Use the AD FS Management snap-in to configure an Assertion Consumer Service with the specified URL for this relying party.

I have only limited ADFS experience and I wonder if it is possible that I have missed some configuration steps in ADFS to allow access to other areas of the application aside from the homepage.

Any pointers much appreciated.
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