Mapping a folder on a NAS to a drive letter

I have a Buffalo TeraStation NAS that has a network folder called "Share".  I'm using it in a 15-PC domain environment where all PCs are Windows 10 Pro.  On their previous server, I of course was able to map, say, drive M: to a path such as \\server\share\A by doing this from the command line:

net use m: \\server\share\A /persistent:yes  

and that was no problem.

If I execute the same command to map a NAS folder, I do this:   net use m: \\NASDevice\share\A /persistent:yes  and it says that the command completed successfully.  In the command window I can do m:<enter> and can do a directory listing etc.  However, the mapped drive does not show up in "This PC" in the file explorer.  Furthermore, the mapped drive is not there upon restart.

Can anyone offer guidance on this?
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Could it be, that you elevated your command prompt?  That would explain it - elevated mappings only show in elevated programs/elevated explorers.

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DaveWWWAuthor Commented:
Yes, I think that's it. Thanks very much. A handy bit of info I wasn't aware of!
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