Hyper-v configuration template or sample setup

I have a server 2008r2 standard machine that has the following specs.

(2) Xeon E5520 2.27 GHZ (4 Cores each)
(5) 250GB Sata hot swap drives
44 GB of memory.
(2) GB nics

I am wanting to load Windows 2008 R2 standard as DC Host and a VM with 2008 R2 Standard  loaded as terminal server for accounting app and SQL express only.

I am wondering where I can look for setup recommendations on how to setup nics and how much resources to allocate to the host and to the vm. I know every situation is different but was hoping to find a starting place to go from.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Luis MenaCommented:
Any reason you going for 2008 R2? instead of 2012r2?
Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
First of all this is not good choice since Windows 2008 support is going to the end.
Second there is bad habit to install VM on Domain Controller - it's not recommended.
Third if you going to have TS on your VM client you must assign a lot of memory to it. I think about 8GB per VM and 2GB per user, so If you going to allow 10 users to connect in same time you should have about 30GB ram assigned for Virtual W2008R2. Additional memory for SQL and here is a question, how big Database is and how many users will use it in same time, how many reports you going to run etc..

Bottom line this is not good setup. First, server should be 2012R2 or 2016 with Raid 10 storage, then you should have separate machine for Your DC and a lot of memory for VM
gberrymanAuthor Commented:
I can get them to upgrade windows but they do not have the budget to get new hardware at this point. They have 20 users and 10gb database.
Luis MenaCommented:
In that case then upgrade to 2012R2. Then Create a VM for DC and VM for TS. Don't make the host a DC

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Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
You was looking for suggestion so I did provided. I understand there is no much you can do but on the end IT guy is the person to blame, so remember to write down all your suggestions. If they will not agree, then you going to be clean...

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