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% of total from a field used in multiple worksheets in tableau

This may be easy.
I have one worksheet that shows total quantity of sales.
Then I have another worksheet that shows total quantity of sales and is filtered based on the filter franchise.
On my dashboard I have both.
On the filtered worksheet I have total quantity of sales for the filter franchise.
Worksheet 1 Name: ES - TOP LEVEL KPIs
Worksheet 2 Name: ES - FRANCHISE BUBBLE
My calculated field on both worksheets is SUM(Sell out Quantity).
Ultimately I want to total:
SUM(Sell out Quantity) from ES - FRANCHISE BUBBLE /Total SUM(Sell out Quantity) ES - TOP LEVEL KPIs = % of Total Quantity
117,193  / 1,579,040  = 7%
I want to add a % of total in my tool tip.  
Due to the filter I am unable to get an accurate calculation.  

Is there an easy way to do this?

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Christoffer Swanström

8/22/2022 - Mon