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Migrating RDS License Servers

I have (2) 2008R2 Remote Desktop License Servers which I'm going to be migrating to 2012R2. The actual Remote Desktop Environment will remain 2008 until later this year.

All of my CALS are 2012R2 CALS, but were downgraded so they could be installed on the 2008R2 license servers. Everything I have read indicates that I can use a 2012 licensing server with 2012 RDS CALS, and it will still work fine with 2008R2 session hosts since its and older version of the OS and not newer (like 2016). Just want to make sure I'm good there.

Now as far as the actual license servers go, I was  going to build the new license server, install my 2012 CALS, then deactivate and remove the old one after re-pointing all my session hosts. Will there be an issue with this at the clearinghouse level since those CALS were already installed on the current license server?
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you will need NEW RDS CAL's you can't use 2K8 CALS with S2K12 Licensing server
He has downgraded 2012 CALs installed on 2008. Once the CALs are uninstalled from the current server, they can be reinstalled as 2012 CALs on the current server.
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Alright great. The only part I don't understand is do the actual CALS have to be removed somehow from the old license server interface or is deactivating the license server and then subsequently removing the licensing role enough to free those licenses up again to be applied elsewhere?