Low volume with SONOS CONNECT


A client just replaced two different mini hifi systems with two SONOS CONNECTs
He hooked up the speakes that were previously connected to the mini hifi system

The sound is perceptible when it is cranked up to full blast
The sound volume was fine with the mini hifi system

Maybe I'm being thick but I just don't see what is causing this lack of sound,
caused by lack of power maybe, or the wires and connections used to hook up the speakers  ?

Any ideas ?
Yann ShukorOwnerAsked:
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dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
From https://www.geekhampton.com/top-10-sonos-questions/

The CONNECT is designed specifically to integrate with an external amplifier/receiver, and bring Sonos functionality to a third party system.  If you have existing wired speakers that are not currently driven by amplifier, you can use a CONNECT:AMP to bring Sonos functionality to your speakers.

Your speakers were designed to function with an amplifier (the mini hifi) and so they won't function correctly with just the CONNECT.  You'll need an amplifier of some type between the speakers and the CONNECT.
Yann ShukorOwnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your answer
Indeed the speakers are directly connected to a CONNECT (no AMP functionality)

I think the client purchased this model because on a partner site they are using the same one without any amplification whatsoever - although the speakers used are vibration speakers.

Could the mixture of cabling explain further this situation ? A mix of electric cables and telephone cabling all connected together using 3M Scotchlok ?
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
Not sure what a vibration speaker is.

The cabling could be a part of the problem but I wouldn't think so.  Better cabling and good connections are important so they could be improved to solve future problems.  Small diameter cabling such as telephone I would not recommend.

What is probably important is the resistance and efficiency of the speakers.  Resistance of speakers can range from a low of 2 ohms to about 16 ohms.  I'm not sure what resistance the SONOS system likes although many systems will work with a range of resistances.  Now speaker efficiency is important.  For example if the speakers are air suspension they like power to get a good sound while horn speakers require little power.  Small box speakers as in computer speakers or small wall mounted hifi systems are inefficient and need a decent amplifier to get volume.

You could try a set of powered computer speakers and see what sound it gives out.

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