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Looking for OpenSource Bar Code scanning and storage solution

- Numerous PDFs in a network folder, or to be pulled into the solution via a network scanner
- Need to read the bar code and extract the 5 pieces of data for indexing. OR, OCR portions of the page with the same data as in the bar code.
- Use this data to store the document for search and retrieval later - methods may vary. Would like documents placed into folders by the date in the bar code.
- Some sort of compression or load into a database is preferred to keep file size down.
- Windows or Linux based
- OpenSource only: I want to get my hands dirty with it.

Any ideas?
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Joe Winograd
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Joe Winograd
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Thanks Joe, I'll check those two out. I did look at ZBAR but didn't browse enough to see what it can really do.
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Joe Winograd
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The command line help output from both is below. Should give you a decent idea of what they can do. Regards, Joe

usage: zbarimg [options] <image>...
scan and decode bar codes from one or more image files
-h, --help      display this help text
--version       display version information and exit
-q, --quiet     minimal output, only print decoded symbol data
-v, --verbose   increase debug output level
--verbose=N     set specific debug output level
-d, --display   enable display of following images to the screen
-D, --nodisplay disable display of following images (default)
--xml, --noxml  enable/disable XML output format
--raw           output decoded symbol data without symbology prefix
-S<CONFIG>[=<VALUE>], --set <CONFIG>[=<VALUE>]
                set decoder/scanner <CONFIG> to <VALUE> (or 1)

usage: CommandLineRunner { file | dir | url } [ options ]
  --try_harder: Use the TRY_HARDER hint, default is normal (mobile) mode
  --pure_barcode: Input image is a pure monochrome barcode image, not a photo
  --products_only: Only decode the UPC and EAN families of barcodes
  --dump_results: Write the decoded contents to input.txt
  --dump_black_point: Compare black point algorithms as input.mono.png
  --multi: Scans image for multiple barcodes
  --brief: Only output one line per file, omitting the contents
  --recursive: Descend into subdirectories
  --crop=left,top,width,height: Only examine cropped region of input image(s)
  --threads=n: The number of threads to use while decoding

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ok, real good stuff, Joe - thanks again.
I will obviously need to dedicate a bit of time to this and watch your video etc. Give me a few days before a reply is made.

I can definitely work with PNG and JPG, no issues there, as long as I can find a way to reduce the sizes. I'm currently using a compression utility on the PDFs as the scanner will pull in about 250 pages at a size of about 200mb. With upwards to 1,000 documents a day storage is becoming a daily struggle.
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Joe Winograd
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> as long as I can find a way to reduce the sizes
> storage is becoming a daily struggle

I hear you on that! I have the same issue with a client who is scanning to very large PDFs and needs parts of the PDFs split up based on QR/bar codes. After using ZBar and ZXing to read the codes, I'm making a call to the open source ImageMagick to trim into GIF files, which are very reasonably sized — my client is thrilled with the size now!

I haven't written about ImageMagick, but below are links to a few of my articles about GraphicsMagick that you may find helpful. GM is also open source and similar in capability to IM (in fact, GM is a fork of IM).

Reduce the file size of many JPG files in many folders via an automated, mass, batch compression method

Create a PDF file with Contact Sheets (montage of thumbnails) for all JPG files in a folder and each of its subfolders using an automated, batch method

Create an image (BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF, etc.) from a multi-page PDF

Convert a multi-page PDF file into multiple image files

I prefer GM over IM for interactive use, but it is easier to make command line calls to IM in programs because it offers a stand-alone EXE (have not been able to find something as easy to call with GM). Regards, Joe
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Joe Winograd
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So I'm still not sure if ZXing handles PDF directly or, if it does, I don't know how well.
Hi Michael,
Following up on my own comment above, I tested ZXing with PDF files — does not work. There may be a version out there that does, but the command line Windows binary that I'm using (mentioned in my first post) does not. As I said earlier, it's not an issue for me, since I was already creating a PNG for ZBar (even though ZBar can handle PDFs directly). Regards, Joe
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Thanks Joe.
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Joe Winograd
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You're welcome, Michael. Good luck on the project. Regards, Joe
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