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XML and version of MS XML Dom Document versions

I am revising a classic asp page. I am using localhost, Windows 10 and IIS v10. I need to work with xml.
The original coding used MSXML2.DOMDocument. I am not even sure if I have ANY version of MSXML on my computer.
I know version 6 is the latest. And I am pretty sure that I don't have because I could not register a ocx to read what versions
I had installed if any -  the error I received, which according to Microsoft,  - indicates of MSXML  not being installed at all
I looked in control panel -> programs but did not see any reference to it.
So I downloaded 2 files: msxml6_SDK.msi and msxml6_msi.
Which do I need to install ? Or does it matter? Will it also provide documentation?

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