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what about c++ its giving me issues

I had this question after viewing 2d array Grade Book.
int  minimum (int  scores[4] [3])

    int  min, i,j;
min = scores[0][0];

for ( i = 0;  i<4;  ++i )
for (j=0; j<3; ++j)
if ( scores[i][j] < min )
min= scores[i][j];
return min;


//function for Maximum Value
int maximum (int values[4][3])
int  max, i,j;

max = values[0][0];

for ( i = 0;  i<4;  ++i )
  for (j=0; j<3; ++j)
if ( values[i][j] > max )
max= values[i][j];
return max;


//function for Average
float average (int values[4][3])
{float  sum=0.0;
int count=0;
float Average;
int i,j;

return Average;
//function to find student average
float studentavg (int values[4][3])

float finalmark;


for ( j=0;i<3;++j){

  for(  i=0;i<4;++i){
 int rowsum=rowsum+values[i][j];

printf("Student's final mark is %.2f\n", finalmark);


//Main Program
int main (void)
	int  values[4][3], i,j,min,max,sum=0,count=0;
	float Average,finalmark;
	int rowsum=0;
int  minimum (int  values[4][3]);
int maximum (int values[4][3]);
float average (int values[4][3]);
float studentavg (int values[4][3]);

printf ("Enter Values: \n");
	for ( i = 0; i< 4; i++ ) {

      for ( j = 0; j< 3; j++ ) {
         printf(" values[%i][%i] = ", i,j, values[i][j] );
         scanf("%i", &values[i][j]);

min = minimum(values);
max = maximum(values);
Average = average(values);

printf(" The minimum value is %i\n", min);
printf(" The maximum value is %i\n", max);
printf (" The Class final mark is %.2f\n", Average);

return 0;


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Subrat (C++ windows/Linux)
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what issue you are getting.

int rowsum=rowsum+values[i][j]; is dangerous. bcz in each iteration of inner for loop, new variable is generating.
You need the declaration of
rowsum out side the inner for loop and initialize it to 0.
pls ignore the above comment.

pls tell what issue you are getting.
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meguel Moses


thanks very much it worked just have to change the output a little again, was my first time using it was helping out a friend, i get mixed with java.