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Attached is a sample Excel file.   The Pivot WorkSheet has two Pivot Tables.  That obtains the data from the Data Worksheet. The Pivot Table on the Top has a Sum of Product 1 and Product 2 as well as a Calculated Field that totals both products by Region.  The Bottom Pivot Table is a repeat except it provides an Average rather than a Sum.  I am not sure how to create a Calculated field formula in D14 that will provide an Average of Product 1 and 2 .  I realize there methods to do this without a Calculated field but the spreadsheet I am working which I can't upload requires that I work with Calculated fields providing an Average.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
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1. Click the bottom Pivot Table
2. In the Options tab on the Ribbon, click Formulas > Calculated Field
3. Enter an appropriate name
4. Enter the formula =AVERAGE( 'Product 1 Sold', 'Product 2 Sold')
4. Click OK

The calculated field will automatically be added to your table.


Wayne,  thanks very much for your assistance.  I really appreciate it!

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