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TagLib MP3 tag Reader get this error: Type 'TagLib.File' is not defined. (On website, outside of VS)

Hello all;

I am using TagLib from here: http://download.banshee.fm/taglib-sharp/ (https://github.com/mono/taglib-sharp)
I have it working within VS.
However, I am designing a website with it, and I need it to run on the website.

When I created the project within VS, and Referenced the .dll files
It put the dll files inside of:

The Bin folder is also located on the website.

I added all these and they are all grayed out.
Tells me they are not necessary

Imports TagLib
Imports TagLib.IFD
Imports TagLib.IFD.Tags
Imports TagLib.Xmp

I also registered the .dll file with Windows, using the following command.

%windir%\microsoft.net\framework\v2.0.50727\regasm G:\InetPub\wwwroot\Media\WebSite1\Bin\taglib-sharp.dll /codebase

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And I still get the error.
Type 'TagLib.File' is not defined.

Any idea's on this would be great.
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