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    Currently I have a single exchange 2013 running , I'm planning to build a new exchange 2013, but I don't plan to do a DAG, as limited hardware resource, my plan for this new exchange 2013 to create a new mail database, and move some of the mailboxes from the current exchange to this new build exchange, is it what I need to install is a CAS & mailbox role ?  What do I put for send connector & smart host ?

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Adam BrownSenior Systems AdminCommented:
Yes, you'll want to have CAS&Mailbox roles on the new server.

As for Send connectors, you'll just need to add the new server to the existing send connector, but only if you want the new server to be able to send directly to the Internet. By default, once you put the new server in, it will automatically route mail to and from the old server. There's no need to change connectors for that (Connectors are used to provide connectivity between the SMTP protocol and the MAPI protocol, which is what Exchange uses for mail delivery).

You will, however, need to make sure that the Virtual Directory URLs and InternalServiceURI are set properly. There are a ton of articles on how to do that, so just run a quick search on exchange virtual directory urls and exchange internalserviceuri

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Aanand Singh KarkiAssociate ConsultantCommented:
Hi Piaakit,

The Procedure to Install Exchange role is simple and you can install Exchange MBX and CAS role in new servers for configuring it to working independently in case there is another server failure.

However, based on your description I would Like to suggest you that you should go ahead with DAH configuration if both servers are in the same Site. With Little Investment (JBOD storage) you can plan for optimum service time of your exchange servers and overcome hardware level failure. You have to keep the Virtual Directory settings Identical on both servers so that they can also server/proxy clients and provide HA.

For Send connector, if both servers are deployed at the same site, please include the Originating server IP with second server IP so that both can send e-mails outside and SMTP traffic can be distributed. If you have a smart host, you have to add second server IP to allow it to route external emails via a smart host.

Don't forget to create the Relay Connectors (if any) in new servers and add the application IPs in it.

Aanand Singh Karki
piaakitAuthor Commented:
Can you explain a little more about relay connector ? And  in the new exchange if I created a new database and starting to move mailbox to this new database, how do they can access to the webmail ? As webmail link still pointing to the old exchange ?
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Aanand Singh KarkiAssociate ConsultantCommented:
Hi Piaakit,

please read here for send connectors (

Also for your second question, because your both servers would be in same site, the current CAS would take care of web services however to leverage the HA, you can use Windows NLB Feature to load balance your CAS server traffic 9OWA, ECP, OA, EAS), You have to keep both server's virtual directory uniform (same) and set up NLB as mentioned here (

Aanand Singh
piaakitAuthor Commented:
My old exchange is running on server 2008 R2 whereas the new one is on server 2012 R2, it is not possible to run NLB, may be I CNS run without the NLB ?
Aanand Singh KarkiAssociate ConsultantCommented:
Mixing nodes With different OS is supported but only as a temporary configuration while performing a rolling Upgrade of NLB cluster.

So better go ahead with server upgrade or use the same version of windows OS for the new server too if you.

HTTP Traffic won't support DNS Round Robin so you either have to user cost effective/free WNLB or third party based HLB which would incur additional cost, IT Infrastructure maintanence and adminixtration.
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