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Exchange 2007 Autodiscover

I have recently completed a successful migration of multiple Exchange 2007 databases across to a new server in the same Exchange Organisation, the new server has the same roles installed as the original, which are as follows:-

- Hub Transport
- Client Access
- Mailbox

Everything is working fine, however when I run the test AutoConfiguration tool from Outlook I'm still receiving references to the old server, even though I have manually changed the paths using PowerShell. Here is the output:-

Internal OWA URL: https://internal_FQDN/owa - CORRECT
External OWA URL: https://external_FQDN/owa - CORRECT

Availability Service URL: https://old_server.domain.suffix/EWS/Exchange.asmx - INCORRECT
OOF URL: https://old_server.domain.suffix/EWS/Exchange.asmx - INCORRECT
OAB URL: https://external_FQDN/oab/<string> - CORRECT

I have set the new paths using the following commands:-

- Set-WebServicesVirtualDirectory
- Set-OwaVirtualDirectory
- Set-ClientAccessServer
- Set-OabvirtualDirectory

Some extra information which may be helpful, publicly available namespace for DNS, we own the domain. I have also imported a third-party SSL cert for the FQDN of our CAS server, however I now realise I probably should have included a SAN for Autodiscover but haven't done do.
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Also, are you doing a Server 2007 to Server 2007 move or are you moving to a newer version? The availability service only exists in Server 2007 (It was replaced in 2010, but is available for backwards compatibility). You'll also want to make sure you run IISreset after making changes to the web service URLs. In addition, the OOF and Availability URLs will depend on where your mailbox is. If your mailbox is located on the old server, it will return the old server's URL.
small correction. The script above should be -internalserviceuri not -autodiscoverserviceuri
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Peter Jones


Thanks for the reply.

I have already issued this command, however the changes don't seem to be taking effect as it's still pointing to the old server. The database migration was a simple Exchange 2007 > Exchange 2007.

Just out of curiosity, the old Exchange server completely died, hence the migration, therefore it's currently offline. Will the SCP update with the old box offline? I can bring it back online temporarily if need be, however my plan is to decommission the box properly over the weekend. When I run

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, I do receive a response advising old box is offline, however when I specify the identity of my new server, I obviously get a successful output.

I already have the SRV record in place, however my external DNS changes don't seem to have taken effect as of yet. The SRV re-direct method seems like an absolute ball-ache, I'm wondering whether I should re-issue SSL with autodiscover.FQDN as a SAN? Any thoughts?
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Looks like patience was the winner in the end.

An IISRESET and the allowance of my public SRV DNS record to publish was the key. Both Exchange connectivity analyser & Autoconfiguration tests now pass.