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Using SUMPRODUCT with a Date Range

I'm trying to sum the number of dates with in a range for a given document type using SUMPRODUCT in the attached example spreadsheet.

I can get the formula to return the correct value for a single date, but I want to sum over a range of dates, specifically the entire week.

The formula is in Summary!C2. I thought =SUMPRODUCT(--(Dates!A2:A392=A2),--(Dates!B2:B392=C1), --(Dates!B2:B392=C1+1), ...) would work but that returns 0.

What am I missing?

Thank you!
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Shums Faruk
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You may try =COUNTIFS(Dates!$B:$B,"="&D$1,Dates!$A:$A,$A2)
SUMPRODUCT is a function used to add (SUM) a range of multiplications (PRODUCTS)
How are you planning on multiplying dates?

I thought long and hard before replying - I don't think I am missing something?  Your source data are dates - SUMPRODUCT won't apply!
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Arana (G.P.)

I think you want to COUNT the dates and not SUM (add them)
I already noticed and gave him CountIF option
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Ejgil Hedegaard
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Thank you!