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MS Access - Create Multiple Records based on value in a table

Hey all - Looking for ideas on how to accomplish this.  I have the table below in Access.  For every location I need to create a records in a table equal to the value of source count.  The table below is a query result

Location1 get two records created
Location 2 gets five records created

Location              Description                                         SourceCount
Location1      60# Washers                                         2
Location2      LG/SQ Horizon Front Loads         5
Location3      27# / 30# Washers                         9
Location4      S-20# Washers                                 8
Location5      25# Washers                                         4
Location6      27# / 30# Washers                         2
Location7      LG/SQ Horizon Front Loads         12
Location8      horizon                                                  3

Any suggestions?
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can you show me a simple example of the join you're creating?
ha I figured it out - there isn't a join!  great solution
I do it with the non-equi-join I described but you can also do it as a cross-join with a where clause.  So either of the following works.

Select .. From  tblA Inner Join tblSeqNum On tblA.Count <= tblSeqNum.SeqNum;


Select .. From tblA, tblSeqNum Where tblA.Count <= tblSeqNum.SeqNum;

The advantage of the cross join is that it can be displayed in the QBE whereas the non-equi-join cannot.