2960 port config for both PC & SIP phone using QoS

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It has been a long time since I have done this, and I am just looking for confirmation.

Below is a snippet of a configuration from a 2960 Cisco Catalyst switch.

Will the configuration below for port 36 actually provide QoS when an IP phone is plugged into it?

interface FastEthernet0/35
 description Standard port configuration
 spanning-tree portfast
interface FastEthernet0/36
 description LAN port to support PC or VoIP config
 priority-queue out
 mls qos trust cos
 spanning-tree portfast
 spanning-tree bpduguard enable

 interface Vlan1
 ip address
 no ip route-cache
ip default-gateway

What I KNOW works is that when you plug a PC or a VoIP phone in, both work on the VLAN1 as defined.  But I do not know if QoS is working when an IP phone is plugged in.

thank you,
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See if the following reminds you of ....

The setup/configuration would not matter into which port the phone is connected.


Thank you very much

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