Create DAG on Exchange Server 2016


I would like to create a DAG on Exchange Server 2016 (windows server 2016 operating system), i read bunch of articles which made me confused, can  you please share your idea what will be the best way to configure DAG(two nodes of exchange server).

Se LaiSystem Administrator Asked:
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Se LaiSystem Administrator Author Commented:
I created the cluster without IP address, now its giving me cluster error plus DB, Can i removed it completely and recreate.

Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
Yes, you should be able to just remove it.  Please say you're doing this in a lab and not in production.

Not sure which articles you've seen, but following this should be fairly straight forward.

It sounds like you've never done this before and trying to do it in production should be the last thing you do at this point.

Go through these videos on setting up an Exchange 2016 lab.  Work through them and in lesson 20, it will start the DAG lessons.

Do this in a lab and be comfortable with it BEFORE you try this in production.

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Aanand Singh KarkiAssociate ConsultantCommented:
HI Se Lai,

The DAG Creating and Configuration is very simple in exchange 2016. I don't know where and what are you confused about; however please follow below articles and you can create a simplified DAG in no time.

Best of luck !!

It is for Exchange 2013 but still applicable for 2016:

Aanand Singh Karki
Se LaiSystem Administrator Author Commented:
Thank you, some how the problem has been solved by adding Exchange Trusted Subsystem group in both exchange local admin group,

The confusion was creating with IP or IP less DAG

Thank you for your posts..
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