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Server not showing up in Windows 2016 Essentials Dashboard

ktylman asked
Last Modified: 2018-02-02
Server not showing up in Windows 2016 Essentials Dashboard nor in Access.  When I set the server up I first joined an existing domain.  When I ran the initial configuration wizard if forced me to set it up as a member server.  When I tried to promote to domain controller it wouldn't let me because CA was installed.  So I uninstalled CA, promoted the server, then reinstalled CA according to this article: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2795825/reinstall-the-ca-role-in-windows-server-2012-essentials
I tried to run http://servername/connect but it told me I needed to run it on a client machine.  I thought about reinstalling the Windows Essential Experience but didn't want to make things worse.
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I'm not familiar with 2016 editions yet, but I'm wondering if your issue has to do with trying to join a Essentials version to an already established domain.  I'm pretty sure editions like Fundamentals and Essentials need to be the primary domain controller in the environment, so they can't be joined as secondary DC.

You might want to look into that, but I could be wrong.  It's been a while.


I have done this before with 2012 R2 and they seem to be pretty similar.  Once you transfer the FSMO roles you have 21 days to finish the migration and get the old DC offline.  Everything else seems to be working fine.
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Because nobody else gave me a solution and I had to call Microsoft.