exchange, active directory

I have 6 AD sites in US which are having child relationship with our site which is headquartered at NY

The sites have their own exchange server and DC in their site
All these sites have exchange 2007 servers.

They all have child relationship with our site.
And having netbios name as for ex. For Indiana it is ind.domain.lan

We have main site in NY which is domain.lan

We are promoting our exchange server 2007 to exchange 2013 in primary site in NY.

In this regard we want to collapse their child relationship we want all these sites to have netbios name as domain.lan which we have

We want them to have forest-forest relationship

So how can we do this


Do we need to build separate dc’s in their site and make netbios name same as domain.lan and do replication

or something else is required?
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Patrick BogersDatacenter platform engineer LindowsCommented:

Promoting the exchange part is making the question unclear, Lets focus on the domain first.

You now have domain.lan as HQ domain and 6 subdomains as branchoffice domains.
Here you have setup trust relations of Some kind i think?!

Now you want to stretch the main lan to your 6 branchoffices right? and exchange would be centralised in HQ as is AD, policies etc etc

If this is the case, Yes you should rollout new DCs which are member of the HQ domain, this can be full blown DCs or RODC depends your need. They can also be DNS and GC as well.
These new DCs in the new forest should get Some trust relation with the old domain and then the fun can begin by migrating users and their email to the new domain.

Cool challenge!
Leroy LuffHead of IT & DIgitalCommented:
I am not sure I understand what you want to achieve. Are you trying to get all branches on 1 domain and new exchange server?

It almost sounds like you want to have duplicate domains in all branches with a forest to forest relationship. This will not work as communication between the domains will not be possible.

The best option would be to install member DC's at the branchoffice's and have the lan domain replicated to those sites. You could keep the existing child relationship if you don't want to get rid of the branch domain and exchange -  or you would have to migrate all the old exchange servers to the new Exchange 2013 server and make sure the 2013 exchange has high availability in place - then remove the old 2007 exchange servers and child domains.

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pramod1Author Commented:
there is now child relationship with domain.lan , how if we put all child domain sites on domain. lan , how communication between all domains wont work?
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