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Trust DNS Resolution for Unqualified Names

Last Modified: 2017-03-24
I have 2 x Server 2008 R2 DC's configured with a single domain, we acquired another company and now have a trust in place with that domain.

The trust works well and we have conditional forwarders in place for DNS resolution between the trust. However, I'm currently unable to query DNS without specifying FQDN that belongs in the remote domain.

For example:-

LOCAL-SERVER lives in domain 1, REMOTE-SERVER lives in domain 2. In order to query REMOTE-SERVER from domain 1 I have to specify the FQDN of REMOTE-SERVER. DNS queries time out unless I specify FQDN. I was of the understanding that if DNS cannot resolve name using primary DNS then a recursive query would be sent across forwarders until it resolved the name?

The only way I can get this to work is to specify DNS suffixes in NIC adapter in order. For example, suffic1.local, suffix2.local etc. To me this does not seem like the correct way to configure DNS.

I have tried using forwarders but no joy. Any thoughts?
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I'm wondering whether using a secondary forward lookup zone for the remote domain would suffice? Surely if my DC holds a DNS zone for the domain then resolution should work?
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Fair enough, that answers that!