Extending Logical Drive volume in Windows Server 2003 (VM)

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Hello Experts. I am having a difficult time extending the volume of a logical drive on a windows 2003 virtual machine. i have tried diskpart, but receive the attached error 1. the error 'The volume you have selected may not be extended. select another volume' appears. Please let me know how to extend this logical volume. i have also attached a picture of diskmgmt.msc screen so you can see the unallocated space is right after the logical volume. Thanks in advance
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
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Your first problem is that you're using a 14 year old unsupported operating system that most of us have moved on from.  I'm not sure how helpful I and others can be as we've already forgotten a ton of the idiosyncrasies with 2003 since many of us stopped using it at least 5 years ago.  So the first thing you should be doing is migrating to a newer, supported operating system.

The second problem, *I BELIEVE* is that your initial partitions were EXTENDED partitions instead of primary partitions for some reason (I believe that's what the green border indicates around the drive).  The drive is a "logical drive" within the extended partition.  Why this was setup as it is is beyond me - but if that's the case, you may need to use third party software to extend it.  You could also consider using a software mirror to a new virtual disk using a primary partition and once the mirror completes, break it, get rid of this old disk, and extend the new disk.
Scott CSenior Engineer

Excellent points Lee.

Before trying anything BACKUP YOUR DRIVE!!!!

If this goes sideways, you want to be able to recover from a problem.
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer
There is an article here with complete analysis on the issue along with solution...but as always a good backup is ALWAYS recommended...
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Please read this Article, there is a Hotfix available on Microsoft Support, Download, Install and run it, Restart and retest.
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in diskmgmt you have to click on the green area and then extend it then you can extend the logical drive inside
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Have to apologize I was using an apples and oranges answer.  you will need to use a 3rd party partition tool like gparted

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