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I just have experience done the basic task of administration and now I have to analyze an Exchange platform (2010 and 2013 coexisting) configured with High Availability, and propose a better arquitecture, including the dismount of the 2010 servers, so I have many doubts and I hope you can help me.

1) when I enter to the ECP to servers I see 6 servers (5 with mailbox function, 3 with client access function and one with hub transport function) but viewing the services by the shell, I see in the 6 active servers the roles of client access server, mailbox server, hub transport server and UM. My question is, is it okay for all roles to be active on all servers? Should it be consistent with the server's functions?

2) The transport function that I see by ECP is in the 210 server that I want to dismount, what steps should I consider?

3) When I look by shell I see the roles (Client Access, Hub transport, mailbox and UM) active in all servers. It is ok that each mail server or CAS have all roles?

4) In addition, I want to use the Exchange calculator to check the current HW against what should be, in the item "Initial mailbox size" I am placing the sum of the databases installed for each server (Tier1 {36000}, Tier2 {956800}. ..) is this way correct?

5) I can not run the BPM in Exchange 2013 is there any alternative way to do it? I had run it in the 2010 server, the results will be ok?

6) In the servers with Client Access Server role only the 2010 has the Microsoft Exchange POP3 service and the IMAP4 service enabled. Should I enable it on other servers?

7) for the Mailbox Server role, only Microsoft Search is enabled on one server 2010, should it be enabled on the rest?

8) I dont see the monitoring service active, is it recommend to enable it? in all?

9) I dont have a test enviroment, should I have an aditional licence for this? where I can find a guide to implement it?

Thank you very much for your help.

Best Regards,
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8/22/2022 - Mon

you cannot propose Exchange architecture based on whatever questions you asked....

For architecture design you must understand the ways how exchange server gets designed and all protocols and server roles

You need to hire Exchange architect to design architecture
Patricia Restrepo

We  hire an expert last year, but I still see the 2010 server and I have several error messages about the hardware performance, that is the main reason for try to know more. Could you help me answering my questions?

Thanks a lot for your answer and for your recommendation

Best regards

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Patricia Restrepo

Thank you very much for your help mahesh, I really appreciate your recommendations  and I consider it Very helpful.
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