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I have a worksheet with multiple sheets within. In column A (RUP) of sheet 1 I have check boxes (which aren't working). I need all of the data in each row from the main sheet to copy to the RUP sheet when the checkbox is ticked. It doesn't necessarily have to be a checkbox, it would suffice to be a button or something else. I have surmised that this is not possible with a simple formula and I am not all that familiar with VBA. I am attaching a copy of the file. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. A secondary function that would be golden but not top priority would be to have the acres from the Field_Acres sheet to populate on the main sheet when the corresponding field name is selected from the drop down menu.  Spray-Application.xlsx
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Thank so much for the quick reply. This is spot-on and truly a life-saver. It also gives me a starting point on learning some new stuff. Again, thank you very much for your time and sharing your knowledge and skill set with me.
You're welcome Robert! Glad it worked. :)