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windows 7 - reading serial port parameters

Let's assume that I run a program which reads/writes to a serial port (com3). I known that the program uses baud rate 19200 and dynamically sets parity bit (mark parity or space parity). When I use following command (cmd):
mode com3

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during program execution I get following info: Device COM3 is not currently available.

 Is there any way to check serial port parameters in the "realtime" ?
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is COM3 listed under Control Panel > Device Manager > Ports?
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Yes, a device manager contains com3, but port settings show different values than the program sets, for example baud rate - 9600. Why ? When I stop the program and use command mode com3 it prints last values for that port configured by the program but I would like to check it in the "realtime".
Windows is always showing 9200. This is default port setting.
This should not be a problem. I have many computer that are connected to Tiger Stop linear positioning machine and port in computer has default value 9200 but in TigerStop I have settings 19200 and all working perfectly normal.
Best solution provided. No more other questions from author.