pptp through Cisco ASA5505 V7

Hi there

Trying to find a full config example of Cisco ASA5505 (V7) for following VPN example:

Outside MS PPTP VPN client calling to MS VPN server (  behind Cisco ASA5505 (V7) with only one public IP (inside, outside a.b.c.d).  

If someone could point me to this specific example I would appreciate it.  Lots of examples with multiple public IP's. I understand that V7 solution differs from V8 which is why I am being specific.

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You need to open port 1723 TCP to the system

the example with multiple public IPs can be used as a reference.
I.e when they have example of port forwarding for web, for your situation, replace http with 1723, and the private ip with 192 168.1.100 and the public ip with a.b.c.d.
jtd1Author Commented:
Port forwarding  of 1723 is not the issue as that is straight forward (via GUI or CL), its GRE with no available additional IP to work with which is why I am looking for a complete config to use as an example.
Do you have inspect PPTP set?
You are providing partial

See if the below is helpful.


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jtd1Author Commented:
Thanks - that is what I was looking for.
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