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SuperMicro - M2 and SATA Ports

Hey Guys,

Does anyone know if I on this board here: If I can use all 6 sata ports AND the M.2 drive at the same time? (Motherboard: C7H170-M)

I need to rebuild my storage box as my old trusty XEON Box finally failed on me. I want to be able to use 4x 2TB Drives and 2x 128GB SSD Drives with windows storage spaces.


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The answer above is correct ... but ONLY because the motherboard's M.2 slot only supports PCIe M.2 units [On board that have SATA support for the M.2 slot, using a SATA M.2 will replace support for one of the SATA ports.

So be sure the M.2 unit you buy is PCIe.