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How to remove from FireFox

I have some program that has hijacked my firefox browser. It always opens on the second tab search. I have tried everything I can find on the net.

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Right click on Firefox icon on system tray and then right click on Firefox > properties > remove everything after .exe"
Right click on Firefox icon on system tray and then right click on Firefox > properties > remove everything after .exe in Target Area, except "
Hi dave_sky,

Click on uninstall on searchbuscar of Firefox browser. Please check the attached screen shot.
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Ramin: This is all I have in the target area              "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"
Tapan: I have no uninstall on right click on searchbuscar of Firefox browser.
Remove below address from Firefox homepage Area. (use above link)
Sorry guys....nothing suggested has worked.
Do you have any antivirus on your system ?
Webroot is on my system.
did you run It and scan your system after this problem ?
what is your Windows version ?
have you run a malwarebytes scan? you probably have a pup.. also check your addons
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What version of Windows is running on your system ?  7 or 8.1 or 10 ?
Yes I have scanned with webroot and I am using windows xp pro OS
Did you reset Firefox from my above post ?
if that didn't fix the problem, disable Webroot, download free Malwarebytes from and run a full scan.
Uninstall Firefox from control panel > programs and features
Install it again if you prefer to use it. otherwise use Chrome or Internet explorer. and check if the problem still persist.

if above didn't fix the problem then you need to Restore Windows to an earlier state when it was okay from a Restore point.
If MBAM doesn't work then you have 2 more options
 Hitman Pro has proved more efficient in some hard cases of browser Hijack
 AdwCleaner recently was the only one that managed to delete a nasty hijack i had on one of my client's laptop
Thanks, that took care of it!
I'm glad I could help. Thanks