Exchange 2016 server, which certificates are needed?

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I have Exchange 2016 running on a Windows 2012 R2 server. Exchange is the only app on the Windows server. Is there a way to determine which certificates I need or can remove? I currently have 5:

-- blank --                                                                     3/19/2018
BDS Exchange Server                                               4/29/2018
Microsoft Exchange Server Auth Certificate         4/6/2021
Microsoft Exchange                                                  5/2/2021
WMSVC                                                                        4/30/2026

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There are three certificates installed by default with Exchange 2016.

  • Microsoft Exchange Server Auth Certificate
  • Microsoft Exchange

Personally, I would not remove any of those three.  Review the purpose of the default "Certificates in Exchange" in this TechNet article ... Digital certificates and encryption in Exchange 2016

Based on the date, "-- blank --" and "BDS Exchange Server" would seem to be 3rd party certificates, but cannot tell for sure.  I bet if you double-click on them you could find out some valuable information about them.

You need to have a valid third party certificates and each  server.
There are many providers in the market providing at cheap cost.
If you need assistance in installing certificate you can check it here

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I apologize; something must have went wrong when I closed this out a couple of days ago.

I left the 3 certs you mentioned alone. The BDS Exchange Server is referenced in IIS bindings so I left it alone.  I deleted the -- blank -- certificate after exporting it .  4 days later no issues.

Thank you for your help.

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