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Exchange 2016 server, which certificates are needed?

I have Exchange 2016 running on a Windows 2012 R2 server. Exchange is the only app on the Windows server. Is there a way to determine which certificates I need or can remove? I currently have 5:

-- blank --                                                                     3/19/2018
BDS Exchange Server                                               4/29/2018
Microsoft Exchange Server Auth Certificate         4/6/2021
Microsoft Exchange                                                  5/2/2021
WMSVC                                                                        4/30/2026

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You need to have a valid third party certificates and each  server.
There are many providers in the market providing at cheap cost.
If you need assistance in installing certificate you can check it here

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I apologize; something must have went wrong when I closed this out a couple of days ago.

I left the 3 certs you mentioned alone. The BDS Exchange Server is referenced in IIS bindings so I left it alone.  I deleted the -- blank -- certificate after exporting it .  4 days later no issues.

Thank you for your help.