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Wordpress - Removing the text "Posted in '...Category'" from pages/custom post type?


I don't use categories on my site, so I'd like remove the Posted in "........." from whatever hook or php file that drops it in.  Note that this is a child theme of the "Responsive" Theme. I know a little bit about using devtools if thats helpful.  

Example page:

How might I go about this?
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This requires editing files of the child theme. And the amount of needed work depends on your particular child theme. So I recommended to create a project in Gigs

I have accomplished such task here:
— you can see that it is a child theme of the Responsive theme too.
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Thanks Dimitry, but this is a public-service website and i run consistently in the red on it (accepting donations only), so a lot of the work I simply have to figure out on my own.
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I solved my problem, and no experts presented me with a reasonable solution except by paying someone for it.