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Lotus Domino Server 9.x how to check the server log and replication log

Hi All,

I am a new to the Domino Server administration so kindly  bare with me. Our organization has installed many domino server (Version 9.x) across various department with replication configured between various Domino servers.

Recently, a few users has complained the email received on his input of its corresponding home domino server has been delayed for over 2 hours. Our boss has assigned me to check the replication and server log to see if there is any issue that might related to the incident. Below is my questions:

1) I understand that the domino server log is actually stored on a file called log.nsf, may I know what is the correct way to open this file. Can we use Lotus Administrator client to open the log.nsf or can I just use the Lotus Notes client to open that file ? Appreciate if someone can show us some steps or URL describing the step by step procedures of checking the domino server or replication log ?

2) From the log.nsf, can we see if there is any replication at a particular time interval ? We would like to know if it is possible to locate and see if a particular email has been successfully replicated to our home sever or the replication status of a particular email from the log file ?

3) What is the best practice of troubleshooting such replication issue/incident other than checking the log.nsf file ?

Your kind advice and technical information are very much appreciated.

Thanks & Regards
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