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Pat Smith
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If I wanted to see what percentage of employees total work horse was overtime by using an excel formula overtime hours us 5 and total hours worked is 45. What would be the formula to use
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ShumsManaging Director/Excel VBA Developer
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The Mathematical  Percentage calculation would be Overtime Hours/Total Hours Worked.
In your case Formula would be =5/45 which is 0.111111, then format cell to percentage with 2 decimals which will be 11.11% Or 5/45*100
Finance Analyst
Depends whether you want the overtime as a percentage of total time or of standard time.

For percentage of total time then as above suggestion from Shums.

If percentage of standard time, there would be a couple of options:

=45 / (45 - 5)  gives 1.125 or as a percentage would be 112.5%. if you want only the 12.5% then:

=1 - (45 / (45 - 5))


= 5 / (45 - 5) = 0.125 or as a percentage 12.5%

Rob H
ShumsManaging Director/Excel VBA Developer
Distinguished Expert 2018

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