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Nur Md. IqbalFlag for Bangladesh

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Mail Merge


How can I use Mail Merge to make a Work order using mail merge which should be Sorted by WO.
The format of WO is as below.... I am trying but not working....

Work Order No.      :      SNCL/ MTCE/001                                                             Date of ISSUE      :      «DoI»

Vendor                             :      «Vendor_Name»
Contact                              :      Mr/s. «Contact_Person»
Address                       :      «Address»
Phone No                      :      «Phone_Number»            

W/O Started in               :      «Started»
W/O Completed in       :      «Finish»

//Item Description Table
SL#       |    DESCRIPTION OF ITEMS   |QTY           |UOM        |UNIT PRICE        |TAX                      |Total AMOUNT
«Sr» |   «Items»                                 | «Qty»   |«UoM»     |«Unit_Price»    |«TAX»                | «Total_Price»«Next Record»
 (1)     |   «Description»                      |               |                 |                           |                          |
«Sr» |   «Items»                                 | «Qty»   |«UoM»     |«Unit_Price»    |«TAX»                | «Total_Price»«Next Record»
 (2)  |   «Description»                      |               |                 |                           |                          |
«Sr» |   «Items»                                 | «Qty»   |«UoM»     |«Unit_Price»    |«TAX»                | «Total_Price»
 (3)   |   «Description»                      |               |                 |                           |                          |
Grand Total:      «Grand_Total»

In words:«In_words»
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Roy Cox
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Are you using Excel or Word?

Attach an example of what you want.
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Here is the attached file.
I would simply create it all within Excel. Then the Work order can be populated by formulas
help me to do so.
I think it is possible to separate the information as Main Tab, Items_Info Tab and Vendor_Info Tab in Excel.  Then It will looks better and will work as DATABASE.
You are right. You need a a database for Vendor Details, Products and Work Order details. That would be 3 databases i.e. 3 tables on 3 sheets.

I'll have a look through my previous work and find something to adapt for you.  It will tak a while so be patient.
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Roy Cox
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#Mr. Roy_Cox, In your solution there is some extra row Printed which was not assign to be there. Check the Word file... I need exactly same format.
It's an example. Edit the form to match your word doc. If you need help amending the formulas then let me know
I'm still waiting for any response. I cannot proceed any further than my last example which demonstartes how to do this usuing only Excel
@Roy: As my requirements was to generate a Word file having all information by calling an unique key "Work Order No.", it should process a single page containing all information related to these key.
Provide examples of what you need changing in the example
Only solution offered, just needs tweaking for author's use