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is there any way to ascertain if a robocopy call in Powershell support the /MT:n switch before running robocopy. Remember robocopy before Windows 2008 R2 Server have no /MT Switch.
$LASTEXITCODE give only "success" or "fail" (ERRORLEVEL) but not if the robocopy Version support the switch.


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got it:
if ($version_Major -le 6) {
    if($version_Minor -eq 0) {
        $Windows_2008_Server = $true
    } # if
    else {
        if ($version_Minor -gt 0) {
            $Windows_2008_Server = $false 
            }# if
    } # else
} # if

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depending on !($Windows_2008_Server) you can set /MT Switch for newer OS like Windows 2008 Server
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There could be a more recent Robocopy somewhere copied to the system, but yes, the OS release check should work in general. Parsing e.g. robocopy help would be more reliable, though.

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