how to return set of columns values with one column header name lookup

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Dear sir, i have set of values in column A,B and so on each column has header name and their values are below the header name row for (e.g) 1 to 10 rows have values 1 to 10. and below that row another column header name with 1 to 10 values below that row and so on, is it possible to get that set of 1 to 10 values with looking up of column names. i have attached the excel sheet , where sheet 2 has values and in sheet 3 ,i have highlighted what i need to do so, thanks
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I think you are trying to get the ratio of values from two columns on Sheet2 based on splitting the text in Sheet3 cell B5 at the hyphen. If so, you don't need any of the values on Sheet2 below row 41. You could get your desired ratio using a formula like:

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thanks sir

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