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Maros for passwords?


is it possible for me to use windows to memorize a password for me that would type if I had a certain keystroke.

I am not able to articulate exactly well, but what I mean is like type a short cut for a symbol... that is easy... can I do something like that to recall a password.

any help appreciated.
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The only native facility Windows has for that is Credential Manager and that shows up when Windows says "Do you want to remember this password?"
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If those passwords are valuable whatsoever don't use AutoHotKey and if you do, make sure there is a means to encrypt the passwords so they're not saved in plain text.  Can you not just use Last Pass?
Second LastPass. Used it for part 3/4 years. It will not, however, allow auto password completion outside the Browser but you can easily copy it from the vault
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perfect program thank you