Ping in Fortigate

My Fortiage can form a remote site with IPSec VPN succesfully.

However, under CLI console, it can only ping local IP but not the remote IP. Do I mean to expliclity specify the interface when I ping a remote IP through IPsec VPN ?

Currently, I run "execute ping x.x.x.x". Any idea ?

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RaghavIT SpecialistCommented:
Do you have ping enabled on Administrative Access on the Fortigate' s wan interface?

Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
That is irrelevant, Raghav. The remote IP is thought to be the private IP target of the tunnel ("ping a remote IP through IPsec VPN").

Usually providing the interface is optional, as long as routing/policy info is sufficient to know where to go. There is the issue of the source IP used, though - it might not be clear which one to use for FortiGate, so providing the corresponding interface or source IP could help.

Are you able to ping the remote IP from a local machine? If no, the issue is elsewhere, e.g. remote (personal) firewall inhibiting traffic from outside their LAN.

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